Jury Duty/90's Alterna-Pop-Rock

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I have jury duty tomorrow. Whoopee-doo.

Problem is that we have been without a customer service rep and a manager at work for the past month leaving two of us to do everything. If one of us is gone, the other is fucked and pretty much the department is fucked. My co-worker is great, but she manages the warehouse and has never been trained to do the other work, which is fucked up on the part of her former bosses and I hope to fix that problem soon. So I'm the only one at work who knows how to process orders, answer the phones, and basically do the work that has to be done so that she can do her work. So for anything to happen tomorrow, I have to go in bright and early and get things ready for the day. I'm not a morning person, so I'm really, really excited.

On another topic, I've been really interested in early to mid 9o's alterna-pop-rock. I recently rediscovered Soul Asylum, Dandy Warhols, SuperDeluxe and The Rentals. I've been digging on Screaming Trees, The Lemonheads, Eels and of course the Pixies. I've been looking at some of the "best of the 90's" cd's trying to find more, but I know I'm forgetting some really great songs. If you know of some great songs that I might be forgetting and I should be buying, please leave me a comment and let me know.



ooo I know some more bands... Look into oasis, the offspring, the uninvited, smashing pumpkins. There are tons more

Replicant said...

i loved the rentals--happy to hear they've reformed and are recording a new record. anything with old synthesizers has me eager and waiting.

you should check out the documentary DIG! if you haven't seen it. set in the '90s around dandy warhols--who i loathe--and brian jonestown massacre. it's really funny and good.