20007 DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Four

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Sixteen straight wins. CK Lions had reeled off sixteen straight wins coming into week four of the 2007 DWP! Fantasy Football League. Then the Lions ran into a buzzsaw by the name of Kapgar who dropped them 88-43 and now both teams sit tied for second place with a 3-1 record along with Roast Ducks and DutchBitch Drama.

Speaking of Roast Ducks, they once again were the high scoring team racking up 125 points in a 51 point victory over the hard luck CineRobots. The BLT award is his for yet another week.

With the CK Lions loss, we suddenly have a new first place team. Despite sitting at seventh in points scored, Warped finds himself as the only undefeated team left after knocking off Honea Express 60-47 to improve to a 3-0-1 record. Nice work, Warped...just don't get used to it, you've got one tough monkey to handle this week (yeah, right).

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

johnnyhongkong (2-1-1) - 108 - Tony Romo - 37 points
Snackiesonics (2-2) - 87 - Tom Brady - 25 points

Warped (3-0-1) - 60 - James/Witten - 13 points
Honea Express (1-3) - 47 - Green/Elam - 8 points

Roast Ducks (3-1) - 125 - Peyton Manning - 31 points
CineRobots (0-4) - 74 - Ben Roethlisberger - 19 points

Kapgar's Kapitans (3-1) - 88 - Ronnie Brown - 26 points
CK Lions (3-1) - 43 - Carson Palmer - 11 points

DutchBitch Drama (3-1) - 91 - Randy Moss - 22 points
sinkintothepacific (0-4) - 78 - Brian Griese - 17 points

Turbo Chic - (1-2-1) - 65 - Matt Schaub - 17 points
DOWN WITH PANTS! (1-2-1) - 65 - Matt Hasselbeck - 21 points

The game of the week has to be the femme fatale matchup between DutchBitch Drama and Snackiesonics. Both teams have some serious firepower and should be a star-studded high power shootout. Week five also features the highest scoring team, Kapgar's Kapitans, versus the league's lowest scoring team, sinkintothepacific. And Warped puts his first place standing on the line against my Down With Pants! squad that has to at some point break out and have a decent game. It helps that Donovan McNabb is a bye-week casualty for Warped.

Here's the full week five schedule...

vs. Honea Express
Roast Ducks vs. johnnyhongkong
vs. DutchBitch Drama
sinkintothepacific vs. Kapgar's Kapitans
CK Lions vs. Turbo Chic

Don't forget that there are four teams with byes this week. Cincinnati, Oakland, Minnesota and Philadelphia are all off. Make sure that players from those teams aren't in your starting lineup.


anthony said...

At some point I will turn it around...
Or I'll just have another shot.

DutchBitch said...

Woohoo... and to think that I've never ever even taken a crack at my line up... It's as it was from the beginning... It's my testcase... How far I can get without having to understand shit... It's gonna work against me soon, I just know it...

And WTF is "frtebwma" as a spamword!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo, chick fight ;).

I cannot believe how badly I got spanked last week, even with my all star lineup - frakking Tony Romo ;).

MC said...

Well, I knew someone was going to break that pinata... 16 games is a long time not to lose, and someone was going to kick my ass sooner or later.

gary said...

David Garrard will save me this week...I hope.