Sweeney Todd/David Wilson Jordan

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I try to do my best to not get too excited about movies, it's too easy to be disappointed. I rarely watch the early trailers for films and I try to avoid the hype machine that makes you want movies to be released so you don't have to hear about them anymore.

But yesterday, I saw a preview for a movie online that I can't help but be excited about...

Holy crap! Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen in a Tim Burton musical? Could there be a better Christmastime movie this year?

I saw the Broadway musical version of Sweeney Todd while in college at Bowling Green, a college not widely known for great theater despite graduating such stars as Eva Marie Saint (the theater is named after her), Tim Conway (Dorf), Robert Patrick (the T-1000) and Bernie Casey (head of Lambda Lambda Lambda). It was quite bad, there just wasn't the talent to pull off a Stephen Sondheim musical at BGSU. But despite the below average singing, hokey set design and bad directing, you could see what a great black comedy Sweeney Todd would be in the right hands.

And could there be better hands than Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? I think not.

Totally unrelated other than you might see a guy that looks like this in the movie: We went to the beautiful and incredible Huntington Library in Pasadena last weekend and while perusing through one of the galleries, we ran into a particularly familiar face...

That's the 1899 painting David Wilson Jordan by Thomas Eakins. I'm just going to post the painting here and see if the person who is the spitting image of David Wilson Jordan recognizes himself.


Hilly said...

Oh God, I am gonna cream my jeans....Johnny Depp is the best choice for the demon barber, Sweeney Todd!

Avitable said...

Sweeney Todd looks like it might be awesome. I'm hesitant about the musical aspect, though.