Non-Fantasy Football Post: They Might Be Giants!

Posted by Brandon |

We just got back from our third concert since Friday night. We saw Hot Hot Heat on Friday (pretty good), Dave Matthews Band on Monday (as good as a DMB show filled with 15 minute jams can be) and tonight, the best of the bunch, They Might Be Giants. They were awesome, as always. They are one of my favorite, if not my favorite band and we had a great time.

So here's a couple TMBG videos for you to enjoy. Start with my favorite of their live performances, "Birdhouse in Your Soul" from the Tonight Show. And then my favorite of their songs that they didn't do at the show tonight, "Man It's So Loud In Here". To see their latest video, visit Stereogum.com to watch The Mesopotamians.


Dan said...

I saw they might be giants last year. they were great.