Down With

Posted by Brandon |

I check my stats religiously, I don't know why, I have a problem. Sometimes it's exciting, sometimes it's depressing and sometimes it's exciting and perplexing at the same time. Take this visit from today, for example...

Wow, an Iranian hit, from Tehran, with the search terms "down with". How cool is that? The mind races with questions. Who is this surfer? What movement are they looking for? Did they find what they were looking for here on Down With Pants!? Will my words and my fierce anti-pants stance encourage a Velvet Revolution?

When you do a google search for "down with", you get some interesting results...

1. Down with Love (2003)
2. DownWithTyranny!
3. Down With GUIs!
4. Down with Absolutes
5. Down With Democracy
6. Down with DRM video contest
7. Down with Determinants!
9. Down with the metre and litre!
10. Down With America (Except the Bronx)

First of all, can you believe that of all the "Down With" statements that could be made, DOWN WITH PANTS! comes in at #8?

But most importantly, this Iranian revolutionary searching for a cause didn't find what they were looking for in DownWithTyranny! or Down With Democracy. Instead, they continued on past those causes eventually deciding that maybe DOWN WITH PANTS! was more like it.

Perhaps Down with the metre and litre or, more likely, Down With America (Except the Bronx) ended up being more up their alley, but the fact that my humble protest was even considered is quite the honor.