DWP! Fantasy Football 2007 - Week Seven

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Holy upsets Batman! The Down With Pants! Fantasy Football league was thrown ass over tea kettle this weekend as four of the six games ended with big honking upsets.

My DWP! squad knocked johnnyhongkong out of the second place with a resounding 128-90 victory. I'm not saying that my team is going to do this every week, but now that we are starting to get healthy, we very well could be a dangerous squad to tussle with.

But the biggest upsets came from the league's previous one win teams. We start with Turbo Chic who took a 1-4-1 record into a game against 4-2 Kapgar's Kapitans. Behind 26 points from Chad Pennington and, finally, the emergence of Larry Johnson, Turbo Chic spanked Kapgar 104-64. And the news just gets worse for the Kapitans. Stud running back Ronnie Brown is out for the season. What a devastating weekend for Kevin.

We move on to the previously 1-5 CineRobots and their game against 2006 champion, CK Lions. At long last, luck caught up with the Robots and his opponent didn't have a career game. Instead, CineRobots posted the week's top score behind 31 Ben Roethlisberger points en route to a 132-79 drubbing. A very impressive outing, but has all the bad juju left their locker room?

But perhaps the biggest upset of the weekend came as sinkintothepacific, the last team to pick up their first win, knocked off previously unbeaten Warped 113-57. Jeff Garcia and Laveranues Coles, of all people, provided nearly enough points alone to capture victory scoring 21 and 25 points respectively. I get the feeling that while not supremely talented, the sinkintothepacific squad are going to be thorns in the sides of a lot of teams from here on out.

With the big guns dropping like flies all around them, both Snackiesonics and DutchBitch Drama took care of business. Snackiesonics got 50 freakin' points out of Tom Brady to give Honea Express their sixth straight loss. And DutchBitch, despite playing a quarterback who's noggin' is so messed up he may never play again, took down the Roast Ducks. Both Snackie and Dutchy are now tied for second place at 5-2.

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

Snackiesonics (5-2) - 117 - Tom Brady - 50 points
Honea Express (1-6) - 73 - Drew Brees - 18 points

DutchBitch Drama (5-2) - 97 - Randy Moss - 24 points
Roast Ducks (3-4) - 72 - Peyton Manning - 20 points

DOWN WITH PANTS! (3-3-1) - 128 - Wes Welker - 25 points
johnnyhongkong (4-2-1) - 90 - Josh Brown - 18 points

CineRobots (2-5) - 132 - Ben Roethlisberger - 31 points
CK Lions (4-3) - 79 - LenDale White - 18 points

Turbo Chic - (2-4-1) - 104 - Chad Pennington - 26 points
Kapgar's Kapitans (4-3) - 64 - Jay Cutler - 27 points

sinkintothepacific (2-5) - 113 - Laveranues Coles - 25 points
Warped (5-1-1) - 57 - Donovan McNabb - 16 points

Oh man, my team takes on Snackiesonics this week. We'll have to face Brady and Tomlinson, but we won't have to face Terrell Owens or Marion Barber III. The way Brady's playing though, he could easily win the game alone.

In other action, the celebration will be over for at least one of the week seven ousters as CineRobots take on sinkintothepacific. Both teams will basically be at full strength so it should be a pretty interesting game.

Here is the whole slate of games for week eight. League rank is in parentheses...

Warped (1) vs. Kapgar's Kapitans (6)
Snackiesonics (2) vs. DOWN WITH PANTS! (7)
DutchBitch Drama (3) vs. Turbo Chic (9)
ohnnyhongkong (4) vs. CK Lions (5)
Roast Ducks (8) vs. Honea Express (12)
CineRobots (10) vs. sinkintothepacific (11)

There are six teams on bye this week - Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Arizona, Seattle and Baltimore. Please check your lineups.


kapgar said...

Yeah, salt in an open wound, buddy. Thanks a pantload. ;-)

DutchBitch said...

Heh... You taking on Snackie next week? Be afraid, be very afraid...

I am really being a good girl about checking my team lately... done it!

Hilly said...

Sorry to Warped, but I actually had to email sinkintothepacific on Monday and give him props for his victory. This was a shocking week of upsets and I really thought Whit was gonna take me down.

I still don't know what I will do without Owens and Barber!

Whit said...

Hilly, you could sit everyone but Brady and you'd still win every game.

PS- I may take you down yet.

RW said...

Well it won't help the football any, but I'm here now...

Replicant said...

maybe i'm turning it around luck wise and can make a playoff run