Piss and Twitter

Posted by Brandon |

Dude, cell phone usage in ridiculous places hit an all-time low yesterday.

We went to IKEA where we picked up a crib and a dresser/changing table thing for our expected little girl. But first we had a wonderful but filling meal at Porto's Bakery and by the time we got to IKEA, I had to hightail it into the bathroom. While I'm sitting there doing my business, a guy walks in chatting away at top voice on his cell phone. He proceeded to take a pee, flush the toilet, wash his hands and use the hand dryer...ALL WHILE STILL TALKING ON HIS PHONE! He was holding a conversation...WHILE PEEING!

I'm sorry, but if I ever heard the sound of pee-pee and toilets in the background while talking to someone on their cell, they wouldn't be my friend anymore. Our friendship would end, right there and then. If they thought that bathroom time was an appropriate time to have a discussion, well then they are simply too inconsiderate and too stupid for me to talk to. I'd be done, that's it, it's over.

And I could see through the crack of my stall that he had the phone on his shoulder...HE WASN'T EVEN USING A HANDS FREE DEVICE!

P.S...This is going to be yet another lite week here at DWP! We are heading up to Seattle tomorrow night (technically Edmonds), will be there all Wednesday and will be back sometime on Thursday. I won't have time to get to the Fantasy Football review, I'm sure Avitable is heartbroken. All you really need to know is this, my teams sucks and Snackie's is awesome. Tom Brady can suck on my nuts.

But, I am now on Twitter and because I get free unlimited text messaging, Twitter is my new best friend. If you are on Twitter, add me and then I'll add you and then we can be nerdy and tell each other about minutia all day long!


kapgar said...

Actually, I would grab his phone, walk back into the stall, lock the door, tell his friend what he was doing, then drop the phone in the toilet.

Hilly said...

Eventually Brady will take a day off and I will be bent over without lube, ya know!

Oooh and I know someone at work who had the tummy flu so she took her freaking laptop into the bathroom...her laptop!

Avitable said...

Awww, no sports talk? I'm disappointed!

I hate IKEA, but Twitter is fun. So I don't have anything to say about your post more than that.

MC said...

Hilly, until that happens, the rest of us are just going to have to bite the bullet and take our injection without crying.

CP said...

Maybe he was holding his other hand held device? Doesn't say much for him though.

Just a thought.


Whit said...

I've talked on the phone while peeing before. In the stall is what grosses me out.