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The Great Mofo Delurk 2007This is going to be a sad attempt, but since it seems that today is The Great Mofo Delurk of 2007, I might as well attempt to get some of you out of the shadows. Sadly, there probably won't be very many of you since, according to my stats, there is only a group of fifteen of you that stop by on a regular basis and most of you already throw some pity comments my way. So thanks for those, and I would love to hear from you lurkers as well, if you exist. Thanks to Schmutzie for the pic and idea and thanks to Snackie for pointing it out.

One more quick thing, I've said it before but I feel like I should say it again since I just posted my 100th review. I love Yelp. I use it like crazy. I've found a ton of good restaurants and made some new friends and satisfied my need to review restaurants and businesses without subjecting all of you to those. If you aren't signed up and using it, head on over there now and start reviewing, and then add me as one of your friends.


Dan said...

I'm a semi-lurker. I have raised my head above the parapet a couple of times.

Dave2 said...

I still find it remarkable how bloggers participating in this Delurk thinks that calling their readers a mofo is going to encourage them to comment!


Anonymous said...

Well you can call me a MoFo any time...I like the abuse ;)

Anonymous said...


DutchBitch said...

So ehm... does that mean that us non-lurkers need to shut up?

Avitable said...

I refuse to delurk after being called a mofo.

Wait. I don't lurk anyway. Never mind.

Mofo lurkers!

Peeved Michelle said...

I am more of an infrequent reader than a lurker.

Replicant said...

You have 15 readers? You bastard. I've got about 7. On a good month.

I'm glad I don't know how to look up the "stats" or my regular readers might drop even lower. ha.