From the DWP! Archive: My Nemesis

Posted by Brandon |

It's 11:36 PM and I'm still trying to finish up laundry. Between the crappyness of our apartment building's washing machine and my inability to remember that I have loads in, it has taken nearly five hours to do three loads.

Tonight reminded me of when we first moved in and the frustration that doing laundry was. I finally figured out how to do laundry without too much incident, but tonight just isn't my night. Here's a post from August 25th, 2005 to illustrate just what a pain it used to be and what a pain it has been tonight...

I have finally met my nemesis. The greatest opponent that I have ever faced lives right here in our apartment complex. Never before have I been beaten so soundly than when I have to do battle with this...

That's right, I have been beaten by a goddamn washing machine. Every time I do laundry it kicks my ass. The first time I did laundry it overflowed flooding the entire laundry room with about a half inch of water on the floor. I filled it up to the same point as I have always filled any other washing machine, but this one wanted to fuck me over so it spewed forth, ruining a rug and my day.

Then when I finally figured out the level to which I can fill it and not have it overflow, it decided that it needed to fuck with me some more. So now every time I walk away and go back upstairs it goes out of balance and shuts off. When I come back a half hour later it hasn't done a damn thing but sit there and get funky. When I sit in the laundry room and watch it, it never screws up, but as soon as I leave it goes all to hell. It is so frustrating.

But I like a challenge. I like to compete. So I will continue to use my nemesis, the washing machine, instead of going to a laundromat. I will eventually prevail. Victory will be mine. Either that or laundry will always take hours upon hours to do. I'd put my money on the hours and hours if I were you.