We're Back

Posted by Brandon |

So we spent three days in the pouring rain of the Northwest and loved every minute of it. Whenever we go up there it just feels right. It's our kind of place. The people are different, the atmosphere is better and we feel so much more comfortable. There are some pluses to Southern California, for sure, and we've been happy here and don't have any regrets, but it isn't enough to keep us down here any longer than we need to be.

Especially when we arrive back home to FUCKING ARMAGEDDON!!! Good lord, what a mess it is here in the Los Angeles area. Practically everything is on fire. At one point for a few hours this afternoon, the sky was an unholy greyish orange and visibility was next to nothing. Very eerie. And since the LA TV staions focused almost 100% on the Malibu fire, I had absolutely no idea where all that smoke was coming from. As far as I knew, my little town was burning down around me. Luckily, it was coming from some smaller fires east of us, but still, it was kind of freaky.

Here is one of the saddest billboards I have ever seen...

Shop at Circle K you trashy son-of-a-bitch!


Hilly said...

Yeah, welcome home! Don't you wish you would have stayed away from the crap here?

Peeved Michelle said...

I would love to move to the NW, specifically Seattle, but we are trapped by our real estate investments right now. Good luck finding your new home.