Wooooooo....Weather! - UPDATE

Posted by Brandon |

Now this is how the weather should be reported!

UPDATE: I had to change the videos because Accuweather doesn't actually archive the forecasts, they just replace them. So the video that a lot of people saw was some boring guy blabbing. The real video was hilarious. My co-worker and I couldn't stop laughing.

The weatherman featured in the first video and the above YouTube video that I found is Jim Kosek. He goes a little bit over the top sometimes but is always good for a laugh. You can find his rotating forecasts here.


James McG said...

was this a weather forecast, a sports report, a driving lesson, or all of the above? and dont forget about the party forecast for Friday night!

Brandon said...

Ah crap....they changed the video. It was hilarious! My co-worker and I couldn't stop laughing. I wonder if they archive them somewhere.