John Williams Is Driving Me Nuts

Posted by Brandon |

Saw Superman Returns last night. Like Kevin and Karl said, Freakin' Awesome!

But ever since then, I have been whistling the Superman theme song, or at least parts of it. Half way through I get confused and combine it with the Star Wars theme music and then I can't figure out which is which. It is seriously starting to drive me crazy.

Both songs are in my head and I can't get them out. And to top it off, I am going to spend 30 hours on a train by myself starting tomorrow, so there is a good chance that I will be whistling those two songs the entire time. I thought the train was supposed to be relaxing.

Damn you John Williams.


MC said...

See, that's why we have the theme from the Wide World of Sports, Mission: Impossible and the Rockford Files... they are melody erasers.

Greg said...

Williams is a jerk. I would boycott his movies... but they're always so good, so I can't.


Karl said...

Yep, John Williams and Danny Elfman. Best scorerers out there today.

Oh, and I've been humming "Superman" for a few days now, too. I like to pretend that if I hum the theme I'll suddenly be able to levitate and deflect bullets with my cornea.

kapgar said...

Dude... there are far worse things you could be whistling. Count your blessings.