Greetings From Olympia

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First of all, don't take Amtrak anywhere unless you have a ton of time and patience. I spent 36 hours on the train over the weekend (we had six hours of delays). It was relaxing and all, but still, when you are sitting there barely creeping along drinking a $1.75 soda watching cars zoom by you, you start to question your decision.

Anyway, I'm back in my hometown of Olympia, Washington for the week. I'm the best man in my best friend's wedding. I have a Van Dyke, Wyatt Earp mustache kind of thing going that I doubt his wife is going to like that I might have to shave, I'm sleeping on the couch because my brother and his girlfriend have moved back in before he moves to California too, and Italy is in the World Cup finals. I couldn't be friggin' happier.

Just kidding, I love to be home no matter the problems. It's just so much more down to earth and laid back than Southern California. I started to think that there really wasn't any difference, but over the past two days it has become obvious that the chasm is deep and wide. For god sakes, people here use there blinkers, and not just on accident.

But I'm rambling. Just wanted to let you know that posting will be sporadic on both Down With Pants! and The Sports Logo Pundit until I return on Monday afternoon. But I'm sure I will have a full weeks worth of posts just about this trip once I get back, I could write a book alone about my grandparents.


Chanakin said...

Looking forward to it!

Have a great time