Exercising Shouldn't Give You Cancer

Posted by Brandon |

Almost every single day I see a guy riding his bicycle, smoking on a cigarette. That is not a good look and it seems very counter-productive.

There is one Mexican gangsta looking guy I see two or three times a week riding his beach cruiser. I've seen a NASCAR kind of guy on a mountain bike a couple of times with his flannel and his mustache flapping in the wind. I've seen a total douchebag dude with no shirt, shorts and flip-flops riding a little tiny BMX. There is another 300 pound guy I see occasionally riding a 20 year-old ten speed that looks like it is going to buckle under the weight. And there are more. Many, many more.

I have found one common denominator. Mustaches. Virtually every guy I have seen smoking and riding his bike has had a mustache. I don't know what to make of that, other than all of these guys seem like trash. Trash smoke, trash have mustaches, and trash are forced to ride their bikes occasionally if the car is up on blocks in the driveway.

I have lived many different places, all trashy in their own way. But I have never seen this many people smoking while riding their bikes. It's an epidemic down here that constantly amazes me. I hope to start documenting this phenomenon, I've got my camera ready.

P.S...Go visit my new renter, Scott-O-Rama. Good stuff.


Jesse Sparks said...

I saw one of the coolest things I've ever seen the other day. An older guy smoking a cigar while riding his harley. It's not quite as trashy as smoking while riding a bicycle but I actually think it's more difficult to pull off. You would think that the speed and all of that air would put the cigar out but I know I saw smoke coming off of it when he stopped. I aspire to be as cool as that guy someday.

Josh said...

I would smoke while riding a tricycle if I needed a cigarette bad enough. Yes, I have a mustache. Goatee really, but the stache is all part of the package.
See my latest post for more info :oP

RW said...

I agree.

Everybody KNOWS cigars go better with bikes!


jackt said...

I can't wait for your pics of Tour de Winston.

Schadenfreude said...

My favorite smoke used to be right after my usual run of about 3 miles. If I could have smoked it while running, I might have. But I don't think that's as classy as the bike-riding ciggie.