DWP! Thank Yous

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Occasionally, I like to give thanks to all of the great people associated with Down With Pants! and all that they do to keep the dream alive. So here we go....

Thank you to everybody (Dave in particular, Karl as well, I'm sure there are others too) who have raved about Veronica Mars. What an incredible show. We finally were sucked in last week, better late than never. If you aren't watching it, do yourself a favor, go rent it and get hypnotized by Kristin Bell and all of her Neptune classmates.

Thank you to RW for just mentioning Bill Veeck in a post today. I think I will re-read Veeck As In Wreck and other Veeck related texts that I own. Of course, then I'll get nostalgic for working in sports again and question my current employment. Oh well, it's worth the risk.

Thank you to The Roxy on Sunset - for nothing! $35 for tickets, $8.50 in fees and, on top of that, we have to buy two drink tickets per person for $15 to see a less than stellar performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch? What a joke. Never again.

Thank you to Scott-O-Rama for renting my blog. I'd also like to thank him for turning me onto Conservatives For American Values and I would like to thank them for spreading the good word of conservatism and crushing liberalism. Well done!

Thank you to MC for liking my "Your Weekend Lebowski Fix". Although, I have thought about changing it to "Your Weekend Harold and Kumar Fix", simply because there is much less H&K content out there. But we'll go with Lebowski at least for a while.

Thank you to Jason Jones and the Daily Show for making me laugh about as hard as I have laughed in years. Click here to watch this hilariously ridiculous story.

Thank you to Stephen Colbert for his "Better Know A District" segment on Thursday night. In this clip, Colbert exposes Congressman Lynn Westmoreland to be a fraud. In it, he can't name more than three of the ten commandments. Off the top of my head that night, I named eight and I'm not religious. This guy is a retard.

Thank you to the US Soccer Team for not completely choking, yet.

Thank you to the fine folks over at I Talk Too Much for not tearing me a new one, yet.

Thank you to Cute Overload for this puppy. Seriously, how cute is he?

Thank you to former M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell, who I am pretty sure we saw at dinner last night.

Thank you to everybody who has added me to be their friend on MySpace. If you haven't yet, what are you waiting for? It is so addictive, I am ashamed.

Finally, thank you to everybody, all of you, who put up with me and my randomness, my lack of focus, my poor grammar and all of my flaws and help me continue to enjoy writing Down With Pants! I'm very surprised to have lasted this long and have any readers at all. I very much love doing this and connecting with people from all walks of life on here and I doubt I will stop anytime soon. A lot of people knock blogs and bloggers, but it is one of the best things to ever happen to me, mainly because of all of you, and what's wrong with that? Thanks again and keep up the good work!


kapgar said...

Does this mean that your site has been submitted to IT2M? If so, can't wait to read it.

Dave2 said...

And season two for Miss Mars is on the way! How sweet is that?!?

Brandon said...

Kevin - Yes, I submitted my site for review. I feature so many things that they don't like that it could be brutal, but that's ok. I have a sense of humor and am self-depricating enough to take it. I meant to thank you for Eddie Steeples, I forgot. So, anyway, thank you!

Dave - We stil haven't made it through Season 1 yet. And, in fact, the video store didn't have Episodes 1-8 so we had to start at #9. Is Season 2 supposed to be out before the new season starts?

MC said...

Brandon, you are a braver man than I... that's all I can say.

While I am predisposed to liking The Dude and his motley gang of followers, a little 'roldy action with the laaaaaaap-dancing could be fun too.

jackt said...

Just take a look at all the blogs by the AIM generation. Your grammar is just fine.

Chanakin said...

Now go back and read the entry as an Alanis Morissette song. It works!

Thanks for the laughs, Brandon

Brandon said...

MC - I am a brave man, and strong as a bull too. When the revolution comes, I will lead us all into battle.

Jackt - Good point, although I wanted to be a pro writer/journalist (still do) so my grammar and knowledge of the English language should be better.

Chanakin - Oh my god, I did channel Alanis. I feel a little sick right now. Thanks.

Karl said...

Aw, Brandon...you're just the nicest. I can't take credit for Veronica Mars, but I am glad that Dave and Kevin roped me into watching it. Just finished watching Season 1 the other night. Fanfriggintastic. You've gotta watch them in order, though, dude.

I signed up for Netflix JUST to watch VM. And I'm glad. Now I'm hopping on the "Arrested Development" and "Six Feet Under" bandwagons, as well.

RW said...

I've never seen Veronica Mars... but does she have a wooden leg?

Heh! I didn't think so!