It's A Small World After All

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Death? and I spent the weekend up on the Central California coast camping and generally enjoying the laid back atmosphere and beautiful scenery of the area. That general San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Cambria area really agrees with what I like. The beach, the mountains, great food, Division I college sports and community baseball. I don't ask for much more.

On Saturday we decided to take in a baseball game between the East LA Dodgers and the SLO Blues, a collegiate wood-bat baseball team, at beautiful San Luis Obispo Stadium (look for more about the game and the team tomorrow on The Sports Logo Pundit). We were sitting on the grass berm behind the seating bowl enjoying the game and the great crowd when in walked two drunk girls with two guys. The PA announcer made a point of noting the entrance of one of the girls who whooped it up and drew attention to herself. But what I noticed wasn't her, but the two guys. They looked oddly familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on who they were and why I would know both of them.

Slowly it came to me. The one guy was probably Beer Breath Jeff, and the other must be Jeremy, fellow KGRG DJ's in my formative Green River CC days. But I wasn't completely sure. Do I really want to go up and ask and have it not be them? How awkward would that be? But how could I not take this opportunity to run into someone I know in that random of a place? It was a difficult decision that toyed with me for the next three innings.

Thankfully, the drunk girl intervened by yelling their names at the top of her lungs. The names Jeff and Jeremy were heard by half the stadium. So with confirmation in hand, I made my move and sure as shit, it was them. They just moved to SLO in February to take over as the morning show hosts on 93.3 FM KZOZ after quite a few years working in Pullman, Washington.

I was blown away, how crazy is it to see someone you know that far away from where you knew them in such a random way? How many things in this universe must come together to make your paths criss-cross at any one time? Just think about the dynamic in the stadium itself. I could easily have sat on the other side of the stadium, in fact, that is where I originally wanted to sit. But Death? was cold in the shade so we moved to the sunny side right behind where Jeff and Jeremy and the ladies were destined to sit.

And the drunk girl. If she wouldn't have been yelling and carrying on and wearing a dress that was just about to fall off that we kept joking about (the only thing keeping that dress on was the collective will of all the men in the stadium), I probably wouldn't have noticed them. Life sure is strange sometimes.

By the way, the drunk girl is the station's promotions director. How appropriate is that? That girl should probably get a raise and a cab ride home.


jackt said...

Small, small small world.

Janet said...

What's more messed up is that you'll lose a loved one at the grocery store.

Life is funny that way.