DWP! Lost Post - Ventura Blogs

Posted by Brandon |

I was looking for an old post just now and found this draft that I wrote almost a year ago. I never finished it, I remember I was going to say some pretty bad things about the Ventura blogs mentioned, but I didn't get that far because I didn't feel like offending anybody. Now, I don't give a shit. I am the greatest Ventura blogger and it should be known. All hail Down With Pants!, King of the VC Bloggers. Kiss my ring, bitches...

Imagine my excitement when I grabbed our local entertainment rag, the VC Reporter, and found an article about local blogs right there, smack dab on the cover. Now, imagine my disappointment when your boy Brandon and Down With Pants! didn't even get a quick mention.

Ok, so that is unfair. I barely know anyone here in Ventura yet and I definitely don't know anyone who would write an article about my blog. But after reading the article, I was even more disappointed that I wasn't mentioned.

When I was living in Seattle there was an article about local blogs in The Stranger. When I saw that article I was blown away by just how small my blog really was. The blogs and bloggers in Seattle are huge names and are nearly celebrities.

Some of the blogs in the article are fine and I commented on those with congratulations on the article. But, for the most part, the blogs of Ventura are much more modest and, honestly crappier.

So if these are the cream of the crop as far as Ventura blogs go, that can mean only one thing - total and complete domination by Down With Pants!


jackt said...

Yes I always shoot for world domination. Or at least county domination.

Mark Rogers said...

w00t! Same here. You should see Analog Medium's competition from the blogosphere in Santa Cruz. We should form a California Blog Dominion. The CBD.

Chanakin said...

Maybe if you became more family oriented.

Eck. I feel dirty just saying that.

MC said...

It is called Down with Pants... I don't think family oriented goes with that.