I Voted

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First of all, go visit my renter, The Watercooler. It's a great blog worthy of a quick click. Also, I have put the suggestion box on hold just for a few days, I will get to the great suggestions later.

I voted today. It was a Democratic primary but there were also a few statewide propositions to vote on. One of them was Prop 82, a proposition that would increase income tax on individuals that make over $400,000 a year to fund preschool for everybody.

There are a few ins and outs that make this proposition a little complicated but I decided to vote "Yes" on it for one reason and one reason only. It taxes the rich. I'm in favor of any tax increase on the rich, especially down here in California where the rich are even more deplorable.

Seriously, they could have told me that they were going to burn the money and I still would've voted "Yes". I'm into anything that pisses off the wealthy in this state.


jackt said...

Hey Brandon- How do you feel about the rich?! :)

Schadenfreude said...

Nice! And then I think they should teach in those preschhols that rich people are poopie and those kids will grow up to tax the rich, too.

Elegantly diabolical.

Chanakin said...

Hey, I was planning on becomming rich one day.