Ticks Are Creepy

Posted by Brandon |

We are going camping this weekend up on the Central Coast. Other than the numerous warnings about rattlesnakes, ticks and scorpions that I have read in materials relating to the park that we are staying, I am really looking forward this weekend. Ticks are creepy.

Anyway, when I return on Sunday night I expect to find a long list of people who I need to write a letter. Remember, if there is someone who is pissing you off but you need a third party to let them know, just leave me a comment or email me at downwithpants@gmail.com with the backstory and I will personally write you a letter telling them to, more or less, piss off. It can be anyone. Someone you know or someone public, I don't care, I'll tell anybody to shove it for you. A quick look at the suggestion scoreboard shows us a big goose egg, so get those suggestions in now.

Also, go visit my new renter, The Watercooler. It's a damn fine read that will probably be added to the old blogroll after his tenancy. It seems like I always accept a renter right after they finish up renting from Karl at Secondhand Tryptophan. I want to trump his numbers so get to clicking. What? Rent My Blog isn't a competition?


Karl said...

Ha! Trump my numbers...shan't be difficult, dude. You should go for that Battle of the Blogs thing. I have no freaking clue why people do those. I don't see the benefit. Have a fun trip.

Brandon said...

I used to do the Battle of the Blogs all the time but then I started losing to people whose template was all fucked up or awful mommy blogs or whatever and it became a big joke.

Basically it was the same ten people voting on every battle. In fact, there is one particular blogger who voted against me almost every time and now he always places a bid when I am renting my blog. Needless to say, I never chose him. I hold grudges big time.

kapgar said...

Heh heh... you get Karl's sloppy seconds.

tablefor4 said...

Hmm...I'll have to think about who in my life requires a letter. I think their AWESOME. Some people just get so fed up, their at a loss for words anymore. I might have one before the weekend is over.

Kate the Peon said...

Oh, Brandon, careful what you wish for. I'm easily annoyed, so my list might be long.