DWP! Suggestion Box

Posted by Brandon |

I was disappointed to find that I had no takers on "I'll Write You A Letter" week. Apparently everybody is pretty happy with people in this world. That's fine. No big deal. But now I have nothing to write about, and I was planning on having a whole week where I didn't have to think about what to write.

So to remedy that I think I will just leave it open to suggestions. I did this a couple of months ago and it was really successful. A lot of great suggestions and fun topics to write about. So if you have a topic you would like me to write about this week, anything from thermonuclear war to boogers, please leave me a comment or email me at downwithpants@gmail.com and my lazy brain will get to work this evening. Thanks in advance!


JAX said...

You can write a letter to the people that sold us the house with the rotting foundation. And then you could write one to the bank and the insurance company as to how we plan to leave the gutted house for them to deal with! I might actually use it. I'm desperate here!

jackt said...

thermonuclear boogers.

kapgar said...

Dammit! jackt beat me to my original idea! Bastard!

How about a liveblogging of you downing a bottle of tequila. Shot by shot.

If you have a better option on the alcohol, I'm open.

Brandon said...

Jax: You got it! And that sounds like a major bummer.

Jackt: You got it! Bastard indeed!

Kapgar: You got it! Sounds like fun.