2006 Sitcom Tournament Judges Panel - Part 3

Posted by Brandon |

This is the last group of Sitcom Tourney judges. Watch for the results of the first round sometime next week... Go Mason! Whoops, wrong tourney. Go Seinfeld!

Rob S.
As a child, Robert set his parent's yard on fire trying to make disaster videos. Mr. Schrader has recently become obsessed with the world of speed skating and is currently in training for the 2018 Olympics. The humble Mr. Schrader is also interested in cooking the perfect meal, skiing as many slopes as possible, acting with professional wrestlers and documentary films about trains and the history of rail travel. Rob is the 2006 Sitcom Tournament director.

Scott B.
Solid, dependable, and with a nose for what's funny. Those things, and then some, explain Scott, now of the "Big D," Dallas, TX. Scott isn't afraid to travel, whether that is around the world or with his TV remote. Hailing from the great town of Prior, OK, Scott is a big time Sooners fan, and expects OU football to return to prominence soon.

Shane D.
Shane (not to be confused with Gold Medal speed skater Shani Davis) enjoys the simple things in life - family, sports, and a good laugh on the boob tube. As Shane puts it: "I've been watching sitcoms most of my life, I've watched many funny ones and many not so funny ones. I have my list of favorites and have ones I hope to never see again, see Alf!" Don't worry, Shane. Alf didn't make the cut!

Stacey G.
Legal mind Stacey, of Garrison, NY, isn't too pregnant with her and Craig's first child to participate in this tournament. While others in her condition may opt out, Stacey feels that her TV sitcom knowledge base is too important not to be used. We are grateful that she volunteered to judge.

Vanessa V.
Vanessa, of San Juan, Puerto Rico, grew up with television. Another legal mind for our panel and a graduate of Duquesne University, Vanessa likes to cook, travel extensively, and keep up on the best of TV, film, and books, both fiction and non-fiction.