I Really Hate College Basketball Tonight

Posted by Brandon |

I'm heartbroken. I have hit rock bottom. What an awful couple of days to be a college hoops fan from the State of Washington.

I hate to rip on one player, but how fitting is it that one of the biggest game changing plays was a foul by Mike Jensen. How many times in his career has he fouled someone like that in big moments. The peroxide has obviously soaked into his brain. He has to be the most frustrating player I have ever watched.

That was a goaltend by the way. The officials blew that call and many, many more. Seriously, how can a team foul so much more than the other? 33 Washington fouls to 20 for UConn? 47 free throw attempts by UConn? What a joke. It was a shameful night for the officials. Calhoun's bullying and bitching got to them.

In many ways I am so glad that the season is over because I can't take the drama anymore. Not after the last two nights. If you will please excuse me, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.

If you have a second go visit my new renter A Yoga Coffee Outlook. She seems very nice and has been calling me macho has been calling my ranting macho, so I like her already. I hope you think crying is macho, because that is what I am set to go do.


K said...

Don't go getting me in trouble with your wife. 8@ I said I liked macho ranting... not that YOU were macho. :D LOL ... Getting loads of traffic! Thanks.