2006 Sitcom Tournament - Games 17-32

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The bottom half of the bracket doesn't have as many big names, but nearly all of the matchups are very even and hard to call. Again, my votes are in green...

17. Mork & Mindy vs. M*A*S*H - I personally would list M*A*S*H as one of the favorites in this tournament, possibly a #1 seed? But the star power of Robin Williams alone could give the docs a run for their money in the opening round. - My vote: M*A*S*H

18. Leave it to Beaver vs. Sex and the City - This is a great first round matchup for, um, interesting reasons. My vote: Sex and the City

19. Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. Mary Tyler Moore - Wow, now this is a first round barnburner. A cult cable classic against one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. I don't know which way to go with this one so I'm just going to flip a coin. Heads, CYE. Tails, MTM...It's tails. My vote: Mary Tyler Moore

20. Home Improvement vs. One Day at a Time - Home Improvement

21. Get Smart vs. Family Ties - I have always been a fan of Michael J. Fox but neither of his sitcoms do much for me. I loved Family Ties when I was young, but it lost something along the way. Get Smart wins more or less by default. My vote: Get Smart

22. Who's The Boss vs. Diff'rent Strokes - Diff'rent Strokes

23. Seinfeld vs. Malcolm in the Middle - I know there are those that really don't like Seinfeld, but this should be a slaughter of epic proportions. My vote: Seinfeld

24. Newhart vs. Bewitched - I hate to vote against Newhart but the wife and I watched a bunch of Bewitched episodes recently and loved every minute of them. My vote: Bewitched

25. Will and Grace vs. I Dream of Jeannie - Will and Grace

26. Father Knows Best vs. The Odd Couple - The Odd Couple

27. Friends vs. Alice - I hate the Friends so much, every single one of them. Except Jennifer Aniston who at least starred in Office Space. My vote: Alice

28. Gilligan's Island vs. Mad About You - Gilligan's Island

29. Two and a Half Men vs. I Love Lucy - I saw my first episode of Two and a Half Men last night. Pretty funny, but it sure isn't Lucy - My vote: I Love Lucy

30. Golden Girls vs. Partridge Family - Golden Girls

31. WKRP in Cincinnati vs. Murphy Brown - Murphy Brown

32. Beverly Hillbilies vs. Designing Women - Designing Women


Fredo Teabaggins said...

It doesn't matter how many re-runs of Seinfeld I watch, I still laugh my ass off every time. Even the overplayed ones are still gut wrenchingly funny.