2006 Sitcom Tournament Judges Panel - Part 1

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And quite the panel it is. Thanks to tourney director Rob for putting this list together...

A.J. M.
What a performer. What a creative mind. That's how to describe A.J. It makes sense that he's a success in one of the entertainment capitals of the world - Atlantic City, at one of the most prestigious casino hotels on the planet. A.J. entertains a crowd like no other, whether it is NY Mets fans, improv theatre audiences, or fantasy football participants.

Brooke S.
Brooke, originally of Staten Island, now lives a ferry ride from where she grew up. Brooke was the General Manager of UUTV at Syracuse University. Brooke was accused of not having a sense of humor by an individual who, because of his highly-offensive comments, was not asked to be a judge here. Brooke is a big-time New York Rangers fan, and expects the team to return to championship form very soon. In the mean time, she has honed her TV knowledge.

Craig C.
Craig, of Garrison, NY via LaGrange, GA, is like the Clark Kent of this panel. He wears that suit and tie to work most every day at the lawfirm. But at a moment's notice, he turns into the 'Superman' of any gathering with his imagination and wit. He also has a flair for dramatic adventure, with his world travels and adventure races in the backwoods of Canada. Craig has copies of many obscure and short-lived sitcoms on video tape.

Deb S.
Deb just plain knows what's good, and what's crap. Even after a quarter century on the board of directors of a public corporation and having raised two very difficult kids, she still left time to hone her sitcom expertise. She has possibly the best aesthetic instinct when it comes to television programming as anyone in this field. Deb has seen shows come and go, through the decades. No one is better qualified to judge than she.

Gary G.
Playwright, actor, distance runner, and pop culture aficionado are just a few ways to describe Gary of Astoria, Queens. Gary is so well-versed in pop culture and sitcoms, he and his team dazzled the audience in a soon-to-be televised game show on the VH1 Classic network. Visit Forgone Conclusion for more.


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Thanks to Brandon for setting up a great blog for our sitcom tournament.