2006 Sitcom Tournament Judges Panel - Part 2

Posted by Brandon |

J.R. W.
Is there anything about television this guy doesn't know? New York City's J.R. is a game show guru (he works on the show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"), but his sitcom knowledge is equally impressive. J.R. loves to entertain, whether that be hosting the legendary 'Superbia in Suburbia,' or parties in 'The Big House' up on 101 St.

Published film critic and sitcom enthusiast Replicant resides in the "oil city" of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He's as enthusiastic about sitcoms as he is about University of Oklahoma sports. Replicant isn't afraid to pollute his mind with hundreds of films per year, countless hours of TV, and a few novels a month. But, somehow, he manages to still have Connie Hawkins-like moves on the basketball court and cat-like tennis moves. Visit Cinerobot for more.

Jason B.
"Jay" is a musical genius. His band, The Negatones, have a cult-like following, and have been written about favorably in "Time Out New York" and "Spin" magazine. Jay has an unorthodox sense of humor and broad television knowledge that makes him perfect for this contest.

John B.
John, of Los Angeles, CA, knows a thing or two about sitcoms. After all, he writes for a current sitcom (one that is not in this field due to 'conflict of interest' concerns). John is flamboyant and theatrical, equally comfortable with satire, slapstick, and screwball style comedy. A Native of Erie, PA, John brings a solid “rust belt” work ethic to all his endeavors. John was also a UUTV General Manager.

Matt P.
When we think of the word 'media,' Matt, originally of Jamestown, NY, is one of the first people who should come to mind. Matt has experience in television, advertising, and 'new' on-line media. Like Brooke S. and John B., he was General Manager of UUTV at Syracuse University. His golf game is equally impressive, as he can make any shot in the bag at any time. In a four ball match, you'd better hope he's on your team.

Nicole A.
Nicole, another "Emerald City" resident, studied film at the Evergreen State College and the Polytechnic of Central London. When she lived in NYC, Nicole made the pilgrimage to the Museum of Television and Radio and managed to stump an employee 3 times with her viewing requests.