Haloscan Can Suck It

Posted by Brandon |

Yeah, I said it...

Update: My evening was spent trying to figure out how to dump Haloscan off of my blogs. It wasn't nearly as easy as one would expect. It was embedded deep into my template fucking everything up.

So now I'm using Blogger comments so I have a few questions...

1. When using Blogger comments do you prefer a popup or going to the Blogger comment page in your current window?

2. Why does it hurt so much when I go like this?

3. Are you less likely to post a comment if you have to do the word verification thing?

4. If Kentwood is closer to Marshall than Bershire, and Marshall is closer to Kentwood than Bershire, then Bershire is closer to: a. Kentwood b. Marshall c. It is impossible to know

5. Are there any other, better options than Haloscan (I'm totally sick of them) or Blogger that won't cost me a dime?


Brandon said...

Does this shit work?

Dave2 said...


I prefer the same window to a pop-up, myself.

Word verification is a bother, but it doesn't discourage me from posting comments.

Mark Rogers said...

I always like it in the same window so I don't lose it to my ADHD. And I recommend the word verification lest ye be set upon by spam.

Derek Knight said...


Peeved Michelle said...

Same window. Word verification doesn't stop me from commenting.

Joanne said...

Having had to go to word verification myself, you'll want the word verification. After something like 7 spam comments in a couple of hours, I had to do it. And now many people use it so I think it is normal.