Get Circumcised Now!

Posted by Brandon |

This isn't an issue that I have ever felt strongly about one way or the other but one little condition has opened my eyes and now I am convinced, being circumcised is the way to go. The reason...


OH MY GOD! Men, you may want to stop reading now, because paraphimosis is awful. Death? had to treat a patient with it the other day, and it made my groin hurt just hearing about it.

Paraphimosis is something that can happen when an uncircumcised male doesn't pull his foreskin back over the head of his penis and for whatever reason there is swelling. The foreskin gets trapped and swells up and becomes like a tight rubber band from where it is rolled down to where it attaches causing it to swell up even more and become a huge ring around the penis cutting off circulation to the head possibly making it swell up as well.

Obviously this becomes very painful and embarrassing for the patient. And getting rid of it doesn't really sound much better. The way to treat this is by squeezing all of the fluid back out of the swollen area and back into the body and then more or less forcing the foreskin back over the head. There are also other ways including placing the penis in granulated sugar and letting osmosis reduce the swelling and surgicial options. But if left untreated the swollen area and the head could become gangrenous or even self-amputate.

I just want to take a minute to say one thing (I'm sorry if you feel that this is way more than you ever needed to know about me)...THANK YOU MOM AND DAD! I have never been more happy to have been clipped so many years ago.

I am so glad to never have to worry about paraphimosis, because any swelling of the penis (other than normal natural swelling, if you know what I mean) is something I never, ever need to experience. But I still feel for you uncircumcised guys out there that this is a possibility for when your health goes sour. It is pretty rare, but If I were you I would run down and have them take a little bit off the top. It would be worth it just to be safe.