Pat Robertson, the 700 Club and ABC Family

Posted by Brandon |

I don't post about politics very much anymore, simply because I grew tired of reading political blogs and the fighting that occurs so often on them and didn't wish that to come to Down With Pants! But I'm starting to get really pissed off about some things (I have been pissed, it's just starting to bubble over now) and you may start to see more political posts.

I also want to urge you to go to ABC Family's feedback page and lodge a formal complaint about their airing of the hate-filled 700 Club where each and every night for the past month Pat Robertson has basically prayed for the deaths or sicknesses of Supreme Court justices. The 700 Club is not family programming and is a boil on an otherwise inoffensive and decent television station. If you feel the same way, please let them know. The following is the comment that I sent them...

Dear ABC Family:

Please remove Pat Robertson and the 700 Club from your schedule as soon as possible. This show is not appropriate for a channel that describes itself as "family" and doesn't deserve to be labeled as such. Pat Robertson has gone too far over the past month and it is time to remove him from your station. Robertson has every right to say what he has been saying, but that doesn't mean that you or other people who value families should be hosting and spreading his messages of hatred in between good and decent programming.

I just watched Pat Robertson pray for "vacancies" to open up on the Supreme Court. Of course, one of the main ways to have a vacancy on the Court is for someone to die. So, in so many words, Robertson asked God to kill a couple of Supreme Court justices for him. And, as I am sure you know, yesterday he called for the assassination of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. He routinely wishes and prays to God for awful things to happen to people right there on ABC Family.

Bloodlust is not a Christian value. Vengeance is not a Christian value. Hatred is not a Christian value. And by no means should they be considered family values. By keeping the 700 Club on ABC Family, you are telling people that these are family values and I, as someone who cherishes my family more than anything else, do not appreciate it.

Please do whatever it takes to get these values that Pat Robertson holds in such high esteem off of your otherwise fine family station.