Lucky Charms and Doritos

Posted by Brandon |

A picture of the greatest cereal ever, stolen from the Impulsive Buy

I was planning on writing a glowing review of the greatest cereal ever created, Chocolate Lucky Charms, but the Impulsive Buy beat me to it (by about five months) and sums up exactly how I feel even better than I could. Oh Chocolate Lucky Charms, where were you when I was a kid? Oh well, better late than never.

Instead I'll share with you a revelation I had the other day. I have decided that I want to name my first child Dorito. We'll call him Chip for short! (Ha Ha Ha...uhhh...Hello...hello...Is this thing on? Attention K-Mart shoppers...)

Seriously though, I think with all of these terrible celebrity kid names these days (Pilot Inspektor? What were you thinking Jason Lee?), the world's biggest whore could stand to make some pretty serious cash by striking a deal with the Frito Lay company. Dorito Spears would make an excellent celebrity baby name and would be a very delicious snack. You know she's going to name it something crazy, they might as well make some cash (or skrilla as my homeboy K-Diddy Federline still likes to call it) in the process.