Online Radio

Posted by Brandon |

Over in the links I have added a list of my favorite online radio stations. All of them except for WOXY are public/collegiate station so the programming and production values can be quite hit or miss but that's what makes them charming, I guess...

WOXY - WOXY was once on 97.7 FM from Oxford, Ohio but was bought out and is now an automated crap hits station. The cool WOXY people moved to Cincy and now are an online only radio station playing tons of great music.

KEXP - One of the best, and worst radio stations in Seattle. I love listening to it sometimes depending on the DJ, but when they play music for 30 year-olds who think they are hip but can't take the heavy stuff anymore, which is quite often, it ends up being relentlessly boring.

KCRW - My favorite radio station in the Ventura market, it might be the only combination NPR and indie rock station in the country. Most NPR stations play jazz when not doing shows but KCRW plays an eclectic mix of music for most of the day.

KGRG - I was a DJ here when I first started college nearly 10 years ago. It is kind of a shell of itself but I think it is really unique on the college music scene because it plays much harder music that 18 year-old punk rock kids are listening to rather than the Yindie music that KEXP or KCRW usually plays.

WICB - Ithaca College's radio station is great when you can actually connect to it. Unfortunately it is hit or miss to get a connection and their programming times never really makes much sense.

WBGU - Bowling Green State's station is on computer playlist for the summer due to renovations on their studios, but when school starts again they play a great mix of music. And since hardly anybody listens to it in Bowling Green you can get a request played almost immediately unlike KEXP where I have rarely had my request played.

This is a really short list, I know. If you have any favorite stations please fill me in because I am always on the lookout for fresh sounds on the radio especially since there is only one station that I can get in Ventura that I like listening to and I love listening to the radio.