A New Job?

Posted by Brandon |

God I hope so. Friday afternoon on my lunch break I had a job interview with a really cool little tiny toy company here in Ventura. It was one of the best interviews I have ever had and I think the chances of getting this job are very high. It would probably pay less than what I currently make, but my happiness with the job itself would far outweigh that negative.

Plus I would actually get to live and work in the same city, something that hasn't happened in two years now. I didn't think that commuting thirteen miles one way would take a toll on me but I'm currently spending more time driving from Ventura to Camarillo and back than I ever did going the 25 miles from Seattle to Mukilteo and then back again. Oxnard traffic should not be worse than North Seattle traffic, but it is, and it is really pissing me off.

So for the next few days I have to wait and hope that I get this job. I'm just not cut out for the corporate lifestyle and I'm ready to be back with a small, cool, creative company where my contribution is actually appreciated and makes a huge difference. Vacation pay and sick days would be really nice too.