DWP! Suggestion Box Day 4: Toys

Posted by Brandon |

A big thank you to Mark for making this toys suggestion. It has kind of morphed into a rant about my job, but I assure you that it does have something to do with toys. I still need one last suggestion for Friday's post. Please leave drop me a comment with what you want to hear about...

I didn't talk a lot about it when I was working there, but before I moved to California I worked for arguably the coolest toy store in the world, Archie McPhee. It was a great job that I loved despite some common annoyances that go along with any job. The products that they make are not mainstream crap and neither is the company. Typically tatooed, pierced and punk rocked out, my coworkers were what made the job great. That and the fact that we got half-priced (or even free) toys all the time.

Now I work at a job that is perhaps the complete opposite of Archie McPhee. My job now is uber-corporate, staunchy, and uninteresting. I am surrounded mostly by business people who seem very mainstream and conservative (luckily the people right next to me are cool and fun, although possibly pretty conservative). Where as I was once surrounded by amazing toys all day long, I am now surrounded by paperwork.

So to balance out my universe, and to possibly shake things up a bit, I have started to bring in my Archie McPhee toys. My little itty-bitty work area now features the Cubes...

And, complete with weapons ready to rape and pillage, Blackbeard...

Earlier this week we got an email from our lead telling us that management was really upset at how messy our desks were and that we needed to clean them up before Friday. So I cleaned up my desk (it was one of the few that wasn't very dirty) and I cut up a bunch of paper into little strips and messed up the desks of my cubes. I know, I know...really rebellious Brandon you big corporate puss. Whatever, it still made me feel a little bit better.

I need to go through the rest of my vast collection of toys and find some other good, somewhat rebellious items to accompany me and make me feel better about my corporate job. In the meantime visit Archie McPhee and pick yourself up some of the coolest toys anywhere in the world.