Posted by Brandon |

I played a triple-header of sports tonight.

My first game: A Mormon basketball league contest. I only scored six points and I played crummy defense and overall stunk and we ended up losing by 17 points. My game was ugly.

My second game: The first of two Oxnard softball league games. I went 0-1 with a walk and an error and we ended up losing 33-7. There wasn't even one thing fun about it. The other team could've probably scored more or held us to less runs if they didn't mess around for the last three innings.

My third game: Another softball game. Once again I went 0-1 with a walk and we ended up losing 31-8. It was just plain nasty. It's really not fun when the other team plays players in positions they have never played or tries to hit wrong handed or whatever.

So, in three games tonight, my teams were outscored by a grand total of 66 points.

Why in the world did I even leave the house? Exercise? Yeah. Right.