It's Out of Context Message Board Time!

Posted by Brandon |

I shouldn't admit this, but during the day I check in frequently, probably too frequently to the LA Yelp talk threads. I personally love quotes taken out of context, they make things so much more fun, so here's a few of my posts today taken totally out of context...

  • Oh, sorry, Ticket-bastard....http://www.ticketmaste...
  • I hate you Greg
  • You're right, t-shirts are killing America. DOWN WITH T-SHIRTS!!!
  • we've been oppressed too long. down with dirty squirrels!!!
  • Secondary target - Yelp's wonky Caps deleter.
  • A vote for a squirrel is a vote for the terrorists! Viva La Revolucion!
  • Watch your back Ed. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow....
  • You're right Liliani, the Chipmunk nation apologizes Ed. *shhhh - chipmunk nation - the plan is still on....get ed c."
  • Nuts? Where are the nuts? Fran? Did you say Nuts?
  • Dangerfield
  • Oh man, there are a ton more...http://www.funfolly.co...
  • No, but it really will mess up a sweater.
  • Pull this thread, as I walk away! AS I WALK AWAY!!!
  • Yes please!
  • * quietly working behind the scenes, squirrels will never know what hit th.....Oooooo nuts! *
  • Hey baby....want to make a Squirunk?
  • Do we have the "family" out here?
  • The rest are underground, I wouldn't get overly cock..... ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!!!!! Cashews!!!!!
As you can see, while others are trying to have semi-serious conversations - actually, in too many cases, really serious conversations - I'm just messing around. Seriously, how can people get so worked up on message boards? What is this, the internet or something?


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