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Addie - Today I pretty much spent the day sitting on the couch watching basketball. Yeah, I love unemployment. But most of all, I love fatherhood. In reality, I sat on the couch with my little girl for most of the day, the basketball was just a happy little perk. Yesterday she had her two months shots, so naturally today, she was a little cranky. She just wanted to be held all day and I was more than happy to oblige. She practiced smiling a little bit - she doesn't quite have the hang of it yet, but she's getting close - so my sore butt and tired arms are totally worth it.

Basketball - Yesterday I had my last Mormon league basketball game that I will play in here in Ventura before moving back to Seattle. I've played with the same team for the past three years and it's been a lot of fun except when we play the Ojai ward's team. What a bunch of jerks. They cry and complain, play overly rough, run up the score, pick fights with the opponents, pick fights with each other, don't show up to referee the games they are supposed to ref and generally act like big prima donnas...of the frigging Mormon basketball league. They've driven people out of the league because they are so frustrating. One guy left the league and never came back after refereeing one of their games. I can relate, after reffing a game between them and the Filmore team I vowed to never ref a game again in the league.

We were supposed to play them last night and I was really looking forward to it because in my three years we were blown out by them every time and I really wanted one last chance to either beat them or get them all riled up. But those a-holes didn't even bother showing up for the last game. They had already made the playoffs, so what do they care? I guess it should come as no surprise, they pulled the same crap last year.

I want to remind you, this is church basketball. Except for them, every other team plays primarily for fun and usually we have a blast even when our team hasn't been any good. I think Ojai's team should look themselves in the mirror and ask, "What would Jesus do?" Or "What would Joseph Smith do?" Or at the very least, the captain, a guy in his late 40's who is the worst of the bunch, should look at his son - his son who punched another kid in the youth league - and realize that he's the problem and he has turned his kids into uber-competitive little monsters.

I expect a lot better out of Mormons.

Country - Am I the only one that is really worried that this election is going to bring out the absolute worst in this country? It already is bringing it out on all sides.

The whole racial divide thing is pretty sickening, but not surprising, and watching both the conservatives and the Hillary camp use it and abuse it for all that it's worth is disappointing. If Hillary ends up taking the nomination because the tide turned on racial issues, I'll have a hard time voting for her.

And if Obama gets the nomination anyway, you know the conservatives are going to pound the racial issue into the ground. My hope is that America comes to it's senses and realizes and penalizes the Republican Party for trying to divide the country that way. But my fear is that it will probably work and we will once again realize that white men and their fears and their stupidity and their dead-behind-the-eyes wives control this county and there isn't much that independent women, minorities, or intelligent white men can do about it.

I'm so sick of white guys.


Dave2 said...

I hear that. Privileged old white men have had their shot... let's give somebody else a chance at ruining our shit!

Sadly, it's not like things could get much worse...

Whit said...

It's embarrassing and painful to watch.