Obligatory Spitzer Swallows Headline

Posted by Brandon |

While I'm not defending Eliot Spitzer, am I the only one that thinks this whole "scandal" is vastly overblown? Am I really supposed to be surprised that a politician is getting thousands of dollars worth of head? If he were giving thousands of dollars worth of head, then we might have something shocking.


Jesse said...

While there are some barely valid arguments against the decriminalization or legalization of prostitution they are pretty much limited to street and brothel based prostitution. Whenever I hear about busts on these high-class rings or companies I have to wonder who the victims are. Spitzer is an idiot, sure, but it's not surprising nor should it have been illegal.

Whit said...

What's the point of having power if not to abuse it?

To paraphrase Limp Bizkit, he did it for the nookie, and so forth and so on.

Craig said...

It's usually the politicians that get head on a regular basis that actually perform their jobs well. I'm almost offended that he had to pay for it.

kapgar said...

It's overblown. But he's gone now so it doesn't matter what we think, I suppose.