DWP!'s 900th Post - Where Have I Been?

Posted by Brandon |

This is my 900th post. I've wanted to do something a little bit more celebratory for my 900th but my internet access is very limited here in my hometown of Olympia, Washington. My parents have dial-up, which makes using the internet virtually impossible, and I haven't had time to hit any wifi spots.

Anyway, we're here showing off our baby to basically the whole city. She's up to 52 new people met since we arrived in Wednesday. Most importantly, she met her Great-Grandpa days before he passed away Sunday morning. He was awake sitting up in his chair, for basically the last time, to meet her. He even gave her the "put your dukes up" stance that he always gave us whenever we saw him. He pooped out after only a few minutes, but I'm sure he was very proud and we all kind of think he hung on just long enough to get to meet her. He was the best guy, lived a long and great life, and we'll miss him very, very much. I'll probably write a lot more about him in the near future.

Anyway, we were supposed to go home on Tuesday, but we'll be staying here until either Friday or Saturday. If you want to follow me on Twitter, please add me. I'll be updating that much more often than I'll probably be able to update this until we get home. Can you believe anybody has dial-up anyore?


Anonymous said...

Happy 900th and glad you are enjoying yourself!

Avitable said...

Wow - 900. It's crazy to imagine, isn't it?

Karl said...

900! Amazing, you don't look a day over 750.

kapgar said...

Time to truly gauge your daughter's popularity by starting a MySpace page for her and watching as her friends list dwarfs everybody else's... combined.

I'm kidding, of course. Not about the friends list, but about getting your baby on MySpace.

Happy 900.

Ginormous Man Boobs said...

Wow! You are like the super bloggerest blogger of all times!