LA Blogger Party Postmortem

Posted by Brandon |

Last night the Down With Pants! crew went to our very first blogger party and we had a blast. Held high up in the Hollywood hills in an incredible home owned by a big time screenwriter , the LA Blogger Party was a nice mix of bloggers and non-bloggers from all walks of life. There were a fair amount of mommy bloggers, daddy bloggers, naked bloggers, comic strip bloggers, famous bloggers and much, much more. A big thanks goes out to LA Daddy for making it happen.

Here is a somewhat complete list of the bloggers that I mingled with last night (sorry if I missed you, I know I'm forgetting somebody)....

Sink to the Pacific
Frowning of a Lifetime
When Tara Met Blog
Honea Express
Sweatpants Mom
Write,Write Baby
By Jane
House of Prince
Childs Play x2
Red Stapler

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any fun pictures to post and I have yet to see any pictures with me in them despite the fact that I posed for at least a few. I also didn't get around to producing any cards or anything with my blog addresses on them so I missed a good opportunity to promote.

Also, no Hilly from Snackie's World. She invited me to the party and yet missed it herself. I'm sure she has a good reason but she definitely missed out on a good time. Maybe next time.

Oh well, we met some great people, got jealous over the incredible house and had a ball overall. I'm definitely in for the next one or any other opportunity to meet some cool bloggers.


Hilly said...

Yes, I very much did :).

I'll email you later. You know it had to be serious to miss meeting YOU!

L.A. Daddy said...

What's funny is your previous post was about Pirates, and you were in the home of the co-writer of all three!

Cool, huh?

Glad you guys were able to make it out! I don't have any pics of you guys but I'm sure someone will get you one or two!

Rachel said...

I loved your wife's story. She really needs to get her own blog. I'm still working on my husband.

anthony said...

It was great to meet you brandon. I love the shit out of your blog, especially the header thing.

There are some naked pictures from carpenteria floating around, I'll gather them together and make a slide show. It was good fun, the park rangers didn't think so...

Matthew said...

Your wife is right. You blog isn't about porn.

I'm not sure I believed her then.

tarametblog said...

nice meeting you!

SUEB0B said...

Ventura Bloggers Unite!!

ByJane said...

am I too late to say--hey, great meeting you!

Karl said...

Argh, another guy I didn't get to meet. I so wish I could have gone to the party.