Pirate Yelpers Rock!

Posted by Brandon |

I know that it is really, really popular to hate on the Pirates of the Caribbean and the new movie has been getting some pretty stinky reviews.

But I don't care one bit, Pirates kicked ass...again. It's just big, dumb, stupid fun and that's all I really ask of it. Sure it's overblown and overstuffed and kind of a mess, but a hallucinating Jack Sparrow and Keira Knightley in all sorts of costumes more than makes up for it.

However, there was a time when I said that I would go gay for Orlando Bloom. What the fuck was I thinking? He sucks sooooo bad. Every moment he is on screen is horrible.

Totally unrelated: Does anyone use Yelp.com? I've started Yelping and I love it. It found us a couple of good restaurants in New York and has given me a lot of new ideas of where to eat in our area. If you do use it, please sign up to be my friend. Currently, I'm a very lonely yelper. Click here to visit my profile and my reviews.


August said...

Thanks for mentioning Yelp. I am going to check it out now and be your friend.

I have no idea about the Pirates movies. I keep falling asleep during them, but my hubs likes them. Jack Sparrow is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I'll join Yelp later today...it looks great :)

I still haven't seen Pirates because nobody wants to go with me!

Greg said...

Yeah, I was going to say-- you can do so much better than Orlando Bloom...

Whit said...

I'm sure you heard this last night, but if not, did you know the house we were at belongs to the writer of all 3 Pirates movies?

Anyway, it was nice meeting you both. I wound up with one of your beers in my cooler. I think I'll go drink it.

KTP said...

personally, i hate keira knightley and dig orlando bloom. to each his own.

stay tuned at my place for some link love. I thought i remembered everyone in my post but i omitted yours, my favorite blog name of the night!