Arclight Cinemas = Lifesaver

Posted by Brandon |

I found yet another reason to recommend Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood...the restrooms.

After a yummy dinner at Bossa Nova we made our normal whenever-we-happen-to-be-in-LA pilgrimage to Amoeba Music to purchase a whole mess of used CD's. Predictably, the sausage sandwich that I had stirred up a little bit of trouble and I found myself in need of a restroom quickly.

Amoeba, unfortunately but understandably, doesn't have a public restroom so I decided to hightail it over to Arclight to use their facilities. I was unsure whether or not the restrooms were before or after the ticket takers so I went with a little bit of trepidation. Miraculously there is a restroom right off of the lobby and not even up that ridiculously long elevator or steep stair climb.

As a person who doesn't usually enjoy using public restrooms , let me tell you how much of a dream Arclight's are. Basically, you get a whole room to yourself. Each stall is separated by a big, full sized wall and comes complete with a chunky, near full length door and an actual lock.

After having to endure airport restrooms and their barely there stall doors and locks the last couple weeks, I can't explain just how happy I was to have that massive door and, for god's sake, an actual locking lock.

And if that isn't enough to get things going, the music that they pump into the restrooms is of the triumphant movie score variety. Maybe it's just me, but I think that big orchestra pieces by John Williams are the perfect accompaniment for doing your business. You really feel like you have accomplished something, maybe even changed the world when you are finished.

Not to mention that they do a great job of keeping it nice and clean and they keep your butt happy by stocking it with high quality, quilted toilet paper.

So If you are in the area and really need to use the restroom, I can't recommend Arclight any more highly. And maybe, while you are there, you could see a movie or something. I hear they do a pretty good job with those as well.


Avitable said...

That is another good reason to go to Arclight, as if it wasn't already awesome enough!

And you and I both posted about taking a shit today. Hm.

Matthew said...

Wow. You hit the jackpot, dude.

Hilly said...

This is the third "shit" post I have read, what the hell????

I have never been to that theater but want to go now that I have heard so much about it!

anthony said...

I went there once. I didn't shit though. I did get told that I was in someone's seat and asked to move. It was me, Bill, the guy whose seat I was in and one other person, in the whole theater. What an asshole.