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It's already 1:00 AM? Man, what did I do with the last two hours? I fully intended on writing a post about the movies that I saw over the weekend, but now Steve Carrell's on Conan and I'm getting sleepy (not because of Steve though).

Tomorrow night (well, today) is The Police at Staples. I can't wait. I got my ticket this afternoon from RazorGator.com. I was surprised when I got the tickets because it looks like I paid less than face value for them including all of the Ticketmaster fees. But I'm a little weirded out because they are TicketFast tickets meaning that the dude that sold them to RazorGator could have easily printed out more copies. RazorGator seems like a respectable company so I'm sure they have some way of making sure that a fraud like that doesn't happen. I guess we'll see.

I'm excited about the show, for sure, but don't you think it's crazy that I'm thinking about leaving for a 7:30 concert sixty miles away at 3:30? I do. But it seriously could take two and a half hours to get there, maybe even three. It probably won't take more than two, but it's so hard to say that the risk is too great. If we get there early - bonus! We'll be able to find something decent for dinner.


Avitable said...

If you get there early enough, look for the old Transamerica building and go to Windows Steak and Martinis. Awesome restaurant, decent steak, and the best view in Los Angeles.

DutchBitch said...

The Police? You mean the real genuine fucking Police? You lucky devil! I hate you!

Whit said...

I'm seeing them Friday with the Foo Fighters opening. I'm freaking stoked.

Brandon said...

Avitable - I check that out online, after purchasing both Police ticket and the Beastie Boys this week, Windows was just a little bit out of my price range. Yikes!

Dutchy - Yep, The fucking Police! With Sting and everything. They were awesome, more later.

Whit - I hope you just mispoke, because the show is on Saturday at Dodger Stadium. Unless you have tickets to a secret show somewhere and can hook me up?

Avitable said...

Really? I don't actually remember the prices there, but we went there for dinner a couple times a month when we were stuck downtown for work. We focused more on the steaks and less on the martinis, though.