The Police

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It only took us three hours to get to downtown Los Angeles last night but it was worth it, The Police were awesome, even from all the way across the arena (actually, we could see everything very clearly especially with our binoculars). They did all the hits, Sting looked hot, Andy Summers is itty-bitty and Stuart Copeland is a big, talented nerd. What else can I say?

I will say this, if The Police were young artists today and were releasing the same exact songs that they released 25 years ago, I think they could still turn out to be massive hits. Their songs are so unique and so timeless, it's amazing. If you were a youngin' and had never heard them, you would have no idea what decade they were from.

You can't say that about too many old bands, even the greats. Led Zeppelin? No way. The Beatles? probably not. Vanilla Ice? Well...maybe.

By the way, it took us 55 minutes to get from our seats, to the car, on the freeway and back to Ventura. I found the secret, park as close to the exit and on-ramp as possible. I'd be willing to bet that there were people still stuck in the garage at the same time we climbed into bed.

UPDATE - LAist has both a review of the show and a video of Roxanne. Guess what color lights they used for that?


tarametblog said...

let me guess, a red light? :)

We're seeing them tomorrow at Dodger's Stadium, I can't wait. thanks for getting me even more pumped.

Replicant said...

i'm maybe more jaded and cynical about music and "hits" now--i'm not sure the police would be anything more than a respected band that sells a decent amount of records but not HITS. the industry has just changed so much from when they put records out. there's a lot of crap, radio is beyond awful and the vast majority of the "hits" are total garbage. see, i said i'm cynical.