Where There's Smoke

Posted by Brandon |

Fuck! I'm sick of this shit. To all the smokers in the house...fuck you! I'm serious. All of you have to share in the blame.

It's hot as balls in our apartment tonight. It's not that particularly hot outside, but for some reason our place won't cool off. So I've got the back door and all the windows wide open to try to get a cool ocean breeze to blow through here.

The only breeze that I'm getting, though, is filled with cigarette fucking smoke. I live in the middle of a goddamn smoker's sandwich and I'm getting it from both directions tonight.

It sucks so much that opening my windows and doors doesn't result in fresh air. When these stupid neighbors are gone and the wind is blowing in, our apartment is great. That cool, wet ocean breeze that we get is so crisp and refreshing. But nooooooo. Inconsiderate smokers fuck it all up.

Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do. They aren't allowed to smoke inside but there are no rules set by our landlords that says they can't smoke outside their doors. Sadly smoking is still a "right", people are free to do it if they want. And these are inconsiderate people in just about every aspect of their life so asking them to not smoke and expecting them not to is a joke. It's not going to happen.

Until smoke-free city legislation passes (where do I sign?), I'll just have to continue my passive-aggressive slamming the windows shut when it gets really bad.

God, I can't wait to move out of overpriced Ventucky, where we have to live in an apartment along with the trash, back to the Pacific Northwest where we won't have to sell our souls to the highest bidder just to live in a house and away from this bullshit.


Whit said...

I had that same problem, but while we were living in Bellevue. It sucked. I finally put my cat's liter-box on my balcony to battle the fumes. I also went out there to fart a lot. Just my way of fighting fire.

Greg said...

Sorry to hear about you "getting it from both directions." Usually when that happens I actually feel like having a cigarette.

Lame jokes aside, it sounds pretty lousy. It's like when there are smokers smoking at the front door of a building that they can't smoke in, but you have to walk through their smoke cloud just to get inside, almost defeating the purpose of outlawing the smoking inside. You know how I fight back when this happens? I get all of the smokers' addresses and sign them all up to the BMG Music Club so they're stuck paying for all those CDs. That'll show those motherfuckers!