I hate Paris Hilton even more today than I ever have before. Why? Because for just a minute, after reading about her going back to jail and seeing the pictures of her weeping, I actually felt bad for her. It only lasted a minute and then I came to my senses but I felt unclean the rest of the day. There is no reason to feel bad for her. She did this to herself.

Death? said that she exhibits all the characteristics of someone who is going through alcohol withdrawal. That makes perfect sense and can, legitimately, be serious. But it's nothing that jails don't handle every single day.

Combine the effects of the withdrawal with the chance that this is probably the first time in many, many years she isn't drunk or doped to the gills, maybe she has a clear head and has found that there isn't anything there to occupy the time. Fill an newly sober, empty head with the stimuli of what is going on around her and it's not that hard to understand why she is having a breakdown. Realizing that you are brainless and soulless can be rough on a robot.

I also want to take a second and ask everybody to leave Princess Di out of all of this. They called Anna Nicole America's Princess Di after she died and today I read a couple quotes proclaiming Paris as American's Di. Say what you want about Diana and the monarchy, I'm not a big fan of the royals either, but don't even dare put these two skanks up on her level. At her worst, Di would still be a thousand times better than either of them.

If either of these two are our Princess Di, what does that say about the rest of us?


Whit said...

True. I hadn't heard the Di angle, but that's awful. I'm not a royals guy either, but at least she did something to earn the people's love. Smith and Hilton don't do shit.

Schadenfreude said...

I have absolutely refused to say anything about Paris on my blog on principle, but if I were going to, it'd be 100% in agreement with this post. Well said.

Anonymous said...

You know, with all the time she spent fighting all of this stuff, dramatically, I might add, she could have done her time.

tarametblog said...

I was annoyed with those comparisons too, at least she was a princess and it made sense that people were fascinated with her, we have no reason to be so obsessed with Anna or Paris and the comparison I think makes Americans seem all the more shallow in comparison to other countries.