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What's the best thing about living 20 minutes from work, not knowing how to drive a stick and taking your car into the shop to see if they can figure out all of it's gremlins? Working from home! Or as I like to call it, internet fun time! Now that my employers have taken to blocking out everything fun to waste a little time with (blogs, fantasy sports, pornography), the occasional telecommuting day feels so good.

First of all, I'd like to wish a big happy blogiversary to Blogography. While "working" at home today I voted for my favorite t-shirt designs ("try evil" and "a little geeky"). I would have got my vote in no matter what, but doing it in the middle of the afternoon made it sooooo much more satisfying.

One thing that I finally got around to doing is setting up in earnest my Flickr account. I've been meaning for a long, long time to load my pictures on there and share the wonderful world of Brandon with you but never have had the opportunity until today. You can find my Flickr pictures here including my trip to Angels Stadium on Sunday. Or, for in the future, I added one of those slideshow things to my sidebar that everybody else has had for years and years.

I also tried to find us a campsite for our anniversary coming up the first week of May. We are going to New York for ten days a couple weeks later so instead of doing something big for our anniversary we figured we would just go camping, something we usually enjoy but haven't had time to do much since we moved down here. Another reason we haven't done much camping: all of the campsites a couple hours up and down the coast are booked solid (it's like that almost every weekend) except for McGrath State Beach which is located all of five miles away from our house. So, we will probably go camping in our own town, which is fine, but kind of weird nonetheless.

In sports geek news, I signed up to play in this weird fantasy football league that tests you in marketing, promotion and whatnot. I setup a website (still under construction) for my Las Chupacabras de Oxnard squad and I worked for a while on a logo. But I just don't know how to use Photoshop well enough to do something that I wouldn't rip apart on The Sports Logo Pundit. So if there is anybody out there that would like a serious challenge, please help me design a logo for my team and I would love you forever.

And I have good news. The VW dealer, surprisingly, found out what was wrong with my car (or at least they think they did. It would surprise me if it happened again in a few months) but they need to do some more tests tomorrow morning to make sure, so I won't have my car back until around noon. Woo hoo!

All this time on my hands and yet I still didn't get around to blogging until 11:30.


Hilly said...

1. I had such a hard time picking out a second fave shirt, but "a little geeky" was an instant vote chez Snackie.

2. I added you as a Flickr friend!

3. Email me if you want to hang out this week. Karl and I are spending a lot of time up in LA, so we can come to you if you want :).

kapgar said...

We picked the same T-shirts. And in the same order, it seems.