Happy Feet is Propaganda

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We just finished watching Happy Feet. What a strange little movie. I think the singing and dancing weirded us out more than anything.

There has been a lot of criticism of Happy Feet by conservatives claiming that it is propaganda for human hating environmentalists. I heard one of the talking heads proclaim that he didn't want his child being brainwashed by the lies of environmentalism by talking penguins.

What a load of crap. Pollution, global warming and the loss of environment for arctic animals is a fact. I just don't understand how anybody can't see this. Maybe if we get through to the kids now they will grow up and try to do something to stop it.

But this film is propaganda, without a doubt, and I'm starting to grow sick and tired of it. It started in March of the Penguins and it is taken to a new level in Happy Feet. Kids are being brainwashed into believing that Leopard Seals are the devil's spawn. They are being taught that they are scary and evil by the anti-Leopard Seal gestapo and it's time that America recognized this horrifying trend.

Ever wonder why the sudden surge of penguins in the media? It isn't a coincidence and it isn't just because people love penguins. No, it's because penguins are the only way to further the agenda of these seal haters. Glorifying the existence of these so called "birds" through any means necessary is the only way to further their lies.

Can the poor Leopard Seal please get a break? It's only doing exactly what the penguins are doing, following it's instincts and it's nature. Seals eat penguins just like Penguins eat little fish. But are we going to see a movie about the little fish and how cute and cuddly they are and how big and bad the penguins fishing them are? No, we won't and it's all because of the anti-Leopard Seal forces that are ruling Hollywood right now.

And I'd imagine that it will just continue to get worse. I'm sure that Leopard Seals won't get a fair shake in yet another penguin movie, Surf's Up, scheduled to be released this summer.

Hollywood should be ashamed.


BigKilla said...

I concur. Leopard seals are one of the awesomest animals ever. I totally see the evolutionary link between semi-aquatic canine-type prehistoric mammals and the modern leopard seals. Elephant seals, that's a whole 'nother thing.