Get Your Smokin Hot Cheerleaders Right Here!

Posted by Brandon |

While obsessively checking my traffic stats recently, I discovered that I was receiving an inordinate amount of hits from a particular post over at Kevin's. After emailing him to see if he could help solve the mystery as to why I have had so many hits from that post, we both agreed that it must have something to do with the picture of the cheerleaders that he featured in his post about my fantasy football league in which he says "if you're a blogger and you're looking for a good time, then check out Brandon's post for more information...(cheerleader picture)...You know you want to. And they want you to, as well. Just click here."

The promise of willing cheerleaders is understandable but when they clicked the link all they were given was information on our already finished fantasy football league. Until last week, that is, when I finally found a picture that would reward their searching and clicking and would really get them going...

Since I have now seen the power of the cheerleader mention both over at Kevin's and at The Sports Logo Pundit, let me just say this: UCLA cheerleader blue socks, USC Song Girl's butt, Oral Roberts Dance Team, Texas Cheerleaders in chaps, San Diego Charger Girls, Oakland Raiderettes, St. Martin's Cheerleaders, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Satan's Cheerleaders, Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders making out, Ventura College worst cheerleaders ever.

No need to thank me, perverts.


kapgar said...

Your stats are SOOO gonna go through the roof! Heh.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is - was this a photo from a REAL cheerleading squad when you ganked it? OMG if so.