2007 Bigger Dance

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Calling all meatheads! Seattle's sports radio station KJR has opened up the brackets for the 2007 Bigger Dance pitting 64 of the hottest pop culture females against each other in a battle to determine who is, and I feel really gross just typing this, "The Queen of the Hardwood," yuck, I feel all slimy.

This annual "wacky morning show guy" tournament is a favorite of mine and it isn't because I am a massive chauvinist who loves to objectify the accomplishments of women, that's only part of it. The biggest reason I enter this contest every year is because the grand prize winner gets two tickets to any sporting event anywhere in the world. I never have figured out where I would go if I won, but there are some options that just blow my mind and the possibility of winning makes it too good of a prize to not enter.

My final four is Gisele Bundchen vs. Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes vs. Jessica Alba (last years winner) to set up an all Jessica final with Jessica Biel winning the championship. If you've seen the preview for the new Adam Sandler/Kevin James movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (click here to watch), you know why I am picking her to "go all the way" (ick).

I was thinking about setting up a Down With Pants! pool, so if you want to sign up and compete for a trip to any sporting event anywhere, leave me a comment or email me and I will invite you to my pool. If you do sign up here's a little tip, for some crazy reason Elin Nordgren, Tiger Wood's wife, always does really well. Don't ask me why.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go snort a line of Keith Richard's pops.

P.S...Kelly (one of my old BE renters) at A Yoga Coffee Outlook is giving away a Zune MP3 Player! I love winning stuff. Check her out at www.yogacoffeeoutlook.com. I have no shame tonight.


kapgar said...

I'll second the Jessica Biel pick. And for good reason, too.

My pick for a sports trip would be that NFL game that's being played in London this coming season. I don't recall who's playing offhand. Honestly, who cares? It's London, Baby!!

Brandon said...

Yeah, that's how I think about it. Where do I want to go and what do they play there. If it were London, then I would probably pick some big soccer game though.

My initial thoughts are something like the Australian Rules Football championship so I could get a trip down under, something I probably wouldn't be able to afford anytime soon.