My Grandpa

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I was asked to write down some memories about my grandpa for his memorial this past weekend but I couldn't do it. It's weird but I don't have many specific memories of things that we did together or anything like that. All I know is that I loved the guy because he was one of the friendliest, nicest people you could ever hope to meet. He was a gentle, loving soul and I am proud to take after him in that sense. I might not be considered super friendly all the time because I'm also pretty shy around new people, but I'm definitely nice and gentle in the same way that he was.

One of my more general memories about my grandpa is that he was the first person I ever saw with a tattoo. He had a simple, black, tough looking eagle tattooed on the top of his forearm that I assume he got when he was in the Navy. It never quite fit him because of his gentle demeanor but as a young child it left a big impression on me.

I saw my grandpa as I described before but because of that tattoo I also understood that there was so much more to him that I didn't know. That tattoo gave me a lot of respect for him because it was a clear illustration that he had done so much with his life and that his triumphs, his mistakes and all of his choices made him what he was as my grandpa. It kind of sounds weird to say, but even as a little boy, his tattoo gave me confidence that whatever I did or whatever happened to me would just contribute to who I was as a person. I still take comfort in that thought.

Geez, I've never wanted to get a tattoo but after writing this, it suddenly sounds like a good idea.

Another note on my grandpa - Although we've never seriously believed that it was true, there have been times when both my littler brother and I have thought that we were adopted. Neither of us look anything like our parents and we are both quite a bit taller than either of them (although my mom is taller than average for women).

But I figured out a long time ago that I look a lot like my grandma's brothers on my mom's side. From my height to the weight that I carry to a lot of the facial features, it was obvious that I am one of their descendants. But that doesn't explain my brother. Other than being nice and thin, he doesn't look like anybody in the family.

It was all explained over the weekend at my grandpa's memorial. Looking at old pictures of my gramps we all came to the realization that my brother looks just like him. The same hairline, the same eyes, the same shape of his face, everything except his nose. Even his mannerisms are the same, the expressions on his face in the pictures, even the way that he poses for pictures. The resemblance is uncanny and explains so much.

Luckily for my brother and more importantly his girlfriend, my grandpa was quite handsome.


Avitable said...

You have my condolences.

kapgar said...

Sorry for your loss. I have a few memories with my only grandfather and I know I loved him and I still miss him.

My dad was in the Navy, too. I was always disappointed he never had the good ol' Eagle and Anchor tattoo. Shame.

Hilly said...

I am very sorry for your loss.