Mary Lynn Rajskub is Awesome!

Posted by Brandon |

Please excuse the lazy YouTube blogging, but I have a new favorite actress: Mary Lynn Rajskub - better known as Chloe from 24.

Now I don't watch 24, I missed the fourth hour of the first season and totally lost track of what was going on and never could get back into it. Unfortunately that means that I missed out on Chloe all these years.

But I just happened to have Conan on last night while I was messing around on the computer and I didn't think twice when she came out. Then she said something so off the wall that I started paying attention and I sure am glad I did. She has to be one of the best interviews anywhere as evidenced by these clips on YouTube...

Hopefully the new Conan interview from last night will be up on YouTube pretty soon because it's the best of the bunch. There's also a couple of appearances on Leno where she is really funny (here, here and here) but they aren't quite as good because Leno is so lame and doesn't let her shine.

I don't know if it's enough to get me back on 24, but it might be. Maybe I'll watch the next episode and see what I think or get the previous seasons from Netflix. Or maybe I'll just go see her new show "The Complications of Purchasing a Poodle Pillow" at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. That sounds like a plan!


Anonymous said...

As a big MLR/24 fan, I would recommend netflixing 24. If you just wanna watch Chloe, start with season 3, when she joined.

Anonymous said...

i don't watch 24 but have always liked mlr--saw her on conan the other night and she was great!